It was another great night at the Dartmouth Education Fund's Adult Spelling Bee.

Last night, we had over 40 teams compete for the trophy and bragging rights around town at the 4th Annual Spelling Bee.

Four years ago, the chairman of the board, John Beauregard, asked me if I would be the host. I'll admit, I thought it would be the typical hosting gig, but this has turned into a fun night as a game show host or the "Pronunciatior" as they call me. It's one thing to have to spell these words, but I try my best to pronounce them as clearly and correctly as I can.

This year's winners were the Y's Guys from the YMCA. They went up against 6 other teams in the championship: Bees Knees, the Foreign Language Lovers, Wee Bee-Lieve, Fay's Restaurant Spellers, the Spell Chicks and the Scarlet Spellers.

This group is the Spelling Survivors. They had fun and even tried to use an Immunity Challenge.


Thanks to the Foundation for the thousands of dollars they have raised over the years.