Hey moms and dads...do you know exactly who your daughters are talking to online? Because it's terrifying to think about who might be on the other end of that Facebook message, Twitter DM or Snapchat.

A YouTuber named Coby Persin decided to scare the heck out of parents of teen girls everywhere with a "social experiment" that shows just how easily young people trust complete strangers on the internet.

Posing as a 15-year-old boy, Persin makes arrangements to meet up with three girls, ages 14, 13 and 12. All three agree, including the last girl, who freely gets inside a creepy white windowless van with a 20-something behind the wheel.

What's especially scary is that the parents of all three girls (who are present each time and have agreed upon the experiment in advance) think there is no way their daughter would agree to the meet up. And all three times, the parents are proven wrong.

Each repeatedly question their daughter about having known better than to meet up with strangers. The parents claim they've taught her better than that. But yet the allure of meeting up with a stranger is too enticing, and the risks and consequences aren't considered.

Parents, knowing that talking with your children about the dangers of meeting strangers on the internet just isn't enough any more, what further steps can YOU take to prevent your child from doing so anyway?


Watch the video below: