Comic readers beware: This video will unearth some suppressed anger.

I have recently been navigating through the internet and stumbled upon a video which I found very interesting. Now for those who don't know me I would like to first start of by saying I am what some people call a comic book nerd. I enjoy reading many of the main stream comic book story arcs from both Marvel and DC comic companies. A close friend of mine had gotten me into reading comics early in high school and I encourage everyone I run into to pick up some of my favorite story lines. There's just something different about comics that people who don't read them wouldn't understand. It's the perfect blend of reading a book containing complex characters with over 50 years of character development and watching an action movie with explosions, betrayal and plot twists you wouldn't expect to see coming.

One of these plot twists used in comics as of recent has been death. It seems as though everyone in comic books has died in one point in time. Heroes, side kicks, even family members and loved ones have fallen by the wayside because of the grim reaper. But the only thing more appalling than killing of someone's favorite character is to bring back said character issues later to continue their plot line like nothing happened. It takes away from the reality of the story lines. But this wasn't always the case...

Film director Max Landis, son of John Landis of Animal House and Coming to America fame, created a 17 minute video embedded below that illustrates the first time death and resurrection was portrayed in comic books. It seems only fitting that the first superhero created, Superman, became the first superhero to decease. What Landis tries to do is describe the now iconic story arc "The Death of Superman" for the average folk. He does so with a low budgeted film, sprinkling in some humor as he describes to you not only what happens in the story, but why it is important to the everyday comic reader. If you sit through the video you may even pick up some famous faces in the crowd, including a former hobbit among others.

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