man shaving
Photo by Vladan Milisavlijevic/ Getty Images

You may see more facial hair starting next month as No Shave November begins again.

No Shave November was started in 2009 by Rebecca Hill in the hopes of raising awareness and funds for cancer research.

The idea is that nearly everyone spends some money on shaving, or grooming. So, we are encouraged to skip the shaving, waxing or trimming and give that money to help cancer patients and their families.

Last year, the men of the Today Show on NBC were probably the most visible.

Matt, Al and Willie No Shave November
Photo by NBC Universal/ Getty Images

Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Willie Geist led the way as they grew beards. I'm joining the fun this month and will post pictures throughout the month. Here's the clean shaven look from October 30th.

Pete Braley clean shaven
Photo courtesy of Pete Braley TSM


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