Swimming on the SouthCoast can happen in a lot of places. Oceans, bays, rivers, lakes – we have them all. But sometimes splashing into your own backyard oasis is the best way to go.

Personally, pool swimming is my favorite. I like being able to see the bottom, knowing there is no chance of being stung by a jellyfish and the water temperature can get a lot warmer a lot faster. Plus not having to drive to the beach and get all sandy are pool perks for me too.

So of course I love to look around at the SouthCoast homes for sale with amazing pools sitting in their backyards and live vicariously for a little bit, and we all know Zillow is fantastic for daydream living.

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Surprisingly, after looking around a bit online, I noticed a few things about homes with pools for sale.

First, there really aren't a lot of them on the SouthCoast. Homes with pools make up a very, very small percentage of the on sale market. Second, all the homes with pools had in-ground pools.

I have a feeling selling your home with a pool is not something many SouthCoasters look to do in the summer months. Now is the time of year you would get the most enjoyment out a house with a pool, so why part with it?

I also think people with above-ground pools are likely taking them with them when they move probably not wanting to spend the time and money on getting another one when the above ground pool can come with you fairly easily.

So that being said, this list of the sweetest pools on the SouthCoast is full of nothing but in-ground pools – not that an above-ground one wouldn't make me just as happy.

The SouthCoast's Sweetest Swimming Pools

There is water of all kinds all over the SouthCoast, but having a cool pool of your very own to jump into on a hot summer day can definitely make home sweet home a little bit sweeter. These are some of the sweetest swimming pools we found available on the SouthCoast.

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