The report came out last night by South Coast Today reporter Sandy Quadros Bowles that an 84 year old activist from New Bedford has made the claim to be a witness to Hillary Rodham's visit with a little girl in a wheelchair on a porch in New Bedford in 1973.

Marlene Tavares, now 84, worked for On Board Inc. according to Bowles who spoke with Chris McCarthy earlier this morning. Bowles told McCarthy, " My understanding was that she was working with OnBoard to help the volunteers and was not a volunteer but a worker with Onboard." Tavares was quoted as saying, "It happened."

The puzzling thing now is; Why is Marlene Tavares not found anywhere in the 394 page report which lists every single Children's Defense Fund project director, staffer, local observers and volunteers, part-time workers, people interviewed and all who contributed including 6 listed from On board Inc.?

This report was presented to Congress and all who may have been called to witness does not include the name Marlene Tavares or any Marlene with a different last name.

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Other questions:

Why would a long established, professional media outlet not provide a shred of information indicating that the witness, Ms Marlene Tavares, actually worked on the project for the Children's Defense Fund since she is not recognized by the very report in our subject? Possibly an oversight but one that would have brought me scorn and deservedly so. Any witness produced here is vetted by record which is shared here.

What was done on behalf of this girl in the wheelchair that was allegedly discovered on a porch unable to get to school, denied by the city of New Bedford?

Did the community outreach worker do what Hillary Rodham didn't and actually put her in some report for public record?

Did Ms. Tavares contact the New Bedford School Department or other city officials on behalf of this disabled little girl?

As a 41 year old local community outreach worker for On Board Inc.(not on record as being there or anywhere with Hillary Rodham), did she care enough to follow up and return to check on the circumstances of this tragic little girl?

If so, what was done?

If not, WHY NOT? I mean they are not from the crew of the Starship Enterprise using the Prime Directive (This conceptual law applies particularly to civilizations which are below a certain threshold of technological, scientific and cultural development; preventing starship crews from using their superior technology to impose their own values or ideals on them.)

Even Captain Kirk broke that one!!


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