I regret hearing that one of my favorite New England Patriots, Julian Edelman, had his contract go belly up. Apparently, he fell short on his physical, and the team decided to end his contract. So Edelman called it a career, and the discussion begins about his performance history and his career statistics. But for me, I feel a father-like pride or fulfillment as when you see someone you love begin and finish their calling.

Edelman had an assertiveness in his presence, both on and off the field. If football is a comparison to life, then his is a representation of a life well-lived. That's important to me. I see too many people who aren't happy with their lot in life. A football life well-lived means he had taken every chance and risk he could have. He did what he wanted to do and didn't allow anything to dissuade him.

A life well-lived comes out of a curious blend of loving what you do, having optimism, practical wisdom, and an openness to accepting whatever shows up, good or bad. Edelman understood the concept of having compassion for himself because that's how someone grows to love themselves in a healthy, strong, and thriving way.

Julian Edelman had a God-given gift and talent that he didn't waste or misdirect. The struggle is an important part of his story. Edelman verified one of the greatest truths ever: that if you don't absorb and go head over heels with the struggle, you won't win.

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