Members of the media got a look at the finished Sister Rose House in New Bedford on Thursday.

The dry men's homeless shelter named after Sister Rosellen Gallogly, is run by Catholic Social Services.

Previously, the Sister Rose House was located in the downtown area, but Catholic Social Services CEO Arlene MacNamee says the new building at 73 Division St. is a more appropriate location with a number of improvements.

"The overall facility of the kitchen, which really for all intents and purposes probably should've been condemed, is quite remarkable and then you add the component of the learning center which we've never been able to do, and I think that's quite exciting," MacNamee tells WBSM News.

The new building, which is a renovated former church, will house 25 men when it opens some time next week.

MacNamee says there will be multiple safety measures at the shelter, including entry searches, a medication safe, and security cameras.

The new Sister Rose House will also feature job-training like a culinary program, which MacNamee says could help anyone, including experienced chefs down on their luck.

The new kitchen for job-training at the Sister Rose House. - Jon Faria/TSM