If you have a high school senior who is sending in early applications for college and they are experiencing computer problems, they are not alone.  Several of the nations top colleges have been experiencing technical problems.  According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, several colleges have been receiving  complaints from high school seniors and their parent about problems with early admissions applications on the computer.  The problem stems from the company that actually processes the applications, the glitch has forced some colleges to extend the deadline to submit the early enrollment.

Having a son who is applying to colleges now we are running into the same problem, sending the application and not knowing if it has been accepted or stuck in cyber limbo.  Most kids have been working hard to choose a school and early admission is important for many, some schools have even started taking applications on paper.  We just toured a couple of colleges and judging from the amount of students that attend it looks like this delay could turn into a big headache for the schools.