Winter Olympics

White 'Sorry' For Flag Issue
Shaun White made us proud and then made us gasp all within the span of a few minutes last night in Pyeongchang as he captured a gold medal and then proceeded to drag the American flag across the ground.
The 31-year-old White put up a near perfect score to win the gold for the men's snowboard hal…
NBC Wins Gold
If you noticed all the other networks ran alot of reruns during the Olympics, the latest Nielsen television ratings show you why.
On The Loose
From Russia's controversial stance on homosexuality to locked bathrooms to an almost wardrobe malfunction to bizarre toilets, the Winter Games have had no shortage of odd stories.
Homeland Security Warns Against Shoebomb Threat
The Homeland Security Department is warning airlines to be on alert for explosives hidden in shoes.
    Homeland Security says it regularly shares relevant information with domestic and international partners, but it declined to discuss specifics of a warning sent to airlines...
Is Anyone Watching the Olympics? Yes!
The Winter Olympics are in full swing in Sochi and America is watching. Here are the latest Nielsen television ratings.

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony, NBC 31.6 million
Winter Olympics Sunday Prime Time, NBC 26.3 million
Winter Olympics Saturday Prime Time, NBC 25
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