Man Found Dead in Sassaquin Neighborhood Pool
State and local police are investigating after a New Bedford man was found dead over the weekend, floating in a pool.
New Bedford Police spokesman Lt. Amos Melo tells WBSM News 60-year-old Kevin Lewin was spotted in the pool at his home at 1364 Sassaquin Avenue late Sunday morning by a neighbor...
Clubhouse Opening Soon At Tiverton Yacht Club
The Tiverton Yacht Club was washed away in the hurricane of 1938 and moved its headquarters into the 100-year-old Abner Tallman House at 54 Riverside Drive in 1956.  That building, a 3-story Victorian mansion, burned to the ground in a fire on June 6, 2003.
Pool Reopens At New Bedford High School
New Bedford High School has reopened its pool after more than $500,000 worth of repairs and renovations.
At a news conference on Thursday, Mayor Jon Mitchell recalled visiting the pool area with then-Superintendent Mike Shea some three years ago...

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