'Codfather' Forfeitures
Judge William Young has ordered "Codfather" Carlos Rafael to forfeit four of his groundfishing vessels as well as 34 permits associated with those vessels.
'Codfather' Sentenced
Carlos Rafael was sentenced to 46 months in prison Monday afternoon by U.S. District Court Judge William Young, but no immediate decision was made regarding his groundfishing permits.
Mitchell on Codfather Permits
In his weekly appearance on WBSM, Mayor Jon Mitchell explains why, under the government's current plan, 'Codfather' Carlos Rafael could make millions from his jail cell while doing time for his admitted fishing scheme.
Rafael's Permits
NEW BEDFORD - New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell says organizations bent on shutting down the fishing industry in the United States have expressed interest in Carlos Rafael's soon-to-be forfeited fishing permits.
Rafael was found guilty this year of falsifying catch records in order to evade fe…