Opioid Addiction

Opioid Bill Debate
(Associated Press) - Mass. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker is prodding state lawmakers to agree on a final version of a wide-ranging bill designed to address the state's deadly opioid addiction crisis.
Baker told reporters on Wednesday that the ``clock is ticking'' and that every d…
Baker Signs Bill
(Associated Press) - Massachusetts is officially ending its longstanding practice of sending women with alcohol or substance abuse problems but who have committed no crimes to the state prison for women in Framingham.
Republican Gov. Charlie Baker on Monday signed a bill approved last week by the Dem…
Opioid Plan Opposition
Governor Charlie Baker's plan to combat the opioid addiction crisis has been met with opposition by the Massachusetts Nurses Association.
Public Education Campaign
Gov. Charlie Baker is launching a new public education campaign aimed at combatting opioid addiction by stripping away some of the stigma around talking about the problem.
Baker said the campaign will try to drive home the point that addiction is an illness, not a moral failure...