New England Fisheries Management Council

Cod Stocks Disappearing
One of the two critical areas where New England fishermen search for cod may be in even worse shape than suspected.
Fishing managers already knew stocks of Georges Bank's cod were thin. New data from the Northeast Fisheries Science Center says research boats fishing the broad swath of elevated sea fl…
Fishery Regulators Meet
Federal fishery regulators will consider habitat protections to key fishing grounds during a meeting in Rhode Island.
The New England Fishery Management Council is meeting in Newport, Rhode Island, from Tuesday through Thursday. The board is continuing a discussion of habitat protections that it bega…
Management Plan Under Fire
Scientists are urging federal regulators to go further to protect fish habitat in New England waters as the regulators finalize a long-anticipated management plan.
The New England Fishery Management Council has been working on a habitat management plan for several years and is considering a host of o…
Setback For Scallopers
Fishing regulators have voted to expand closed areas in the Northeast Atlantic, after the areas showed an abundance of small, juvenile scallops.
NOAA Message To Fishermen
The top regulators of New England's flagging fishing industry are asking fishermen not to take out their frustrations at the onboard observers who monitor what they catch and what they throw back.
The request came in an open letter to fishing permit holders Thursday, a little over two weeks into…
New England Fishing Regulators Approve Drastic Cuts
New England's fishing regulators have approved deep cuts in catch limits for cod in two key fishing grounds in the North Atlantic.  The Regional Fisheries Management Council approved the cuts at the end of a day long meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire...

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