National Security Agency

Prisoner Exchanges Banned
The Republican-led House on Friday overwhelmingly approved a $570 billion defense bill that halts any Guantanamo transfers for a year in the furor over the American-for-Taliban swap and pulls back government spying.
The vote was 340-73 for the legislation that provides money for military operations i…
NSA Chief Tells Congress Surveillance Programs Work
The head of the National Security Agency is telling Congress that the government's sweeping surveillance programs have foiled some 50 terrorist plots around the world.
 Army Gen. Keith Alexander tells the House Intelligence Committee that the two programs that were recently disclosed are cr…
Nobody is listening to your calls
President Obama insists classified intelligence gathering has been fully authorized by Congress. 
In a news conference in San Jose, Obama said, quote,  "Nobody is listening to your telephone calls." 
He was asked to respond to reports of widespread Internet and phone d…