Friendly Sons of St Patrick

New Bedford Sprinting Toward 41st Half Marathon
In an appearance with WBSM's Ken Pittman, race director Dan McCarthy of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick said race day is a great day for New Bedford, as it's a chance to show off the city for people who come from all over the country and the world to take part in the race.
New Bedford Prepares for Sunday's Half-Marathon
Despite some wintry weather in the forecast, one of the sure signs of spring is happening this Sunday.
The 40th annual New Bedford Half-Marathon takes place beginning at 11 a.m. Sunday morning, even if we get the expected couple inches of snow...
Irish Flag Raised At New Bedford City Hall
Mayor Jon Mitchell joined the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Thursday morning on the steps of City Hall to raise the Irish Flag.
The flag-raising marked St. Patrick's Day and honored the contributions of Irish Americans in New Bedford in politics and business, along with other professions...
Mitchell: New Bedford Half Marathon Is A Go
Despite the brutal winter and a tricky forecast for Sunday, city officials are moving ahead with the 38th Annual New Bedford Half-Marathon.
Mayor Jon Mitchell is expecting thousands of runners to take part.
The race is sponsored by the Friendly Sons of St...
New Bedcford Salutes Irish And Friendly Son's
It's a great day for the Irish.
Members of the Friendly sons of St. Patrick joined the Mayor and other local politicians to raise the Irish flag Monday morning in front of City Hall.
This years ceremony included an acknowledment of the recent "twinning" of New Bedford and Yougha…

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