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Suspect Arrested After Using Stolen Credit Cards in New Bedford
A 39-year-old Dartmouth man was arrested Thursday after using stolen credit cards in a number of New Bedford businesses.
The credit cards were stolen in a recent vehicle break-in in Dartmouth.
A joint investigation by Dartmouth and New Bedford Police led to Kevin John Amaral, who is now facing a numb…
Credit Nightmare
Americans are borrowing more money. Household debt, which include mortgages, credit cards, auto loans and student loans, increased to 117-billion dollars from October to December.
Figures from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York show that in addition to the increase in loans, they have also seen an …
Hackers Hit Kmart
Sears Holdings Corp. is announcing a data breach at its Kmart stores that started in early September.
The parent company, which also operates Sears stores, says that Kmart's information technology team detected the breach on Thursday...
Fewer College Students Are Targeted For Credit Cards
I remember walking by a table in the student union of my college which offered free T-shirts and coupons if I simply signed up for a Gulf Credit Card. It was a no brainer! Not on my part, but on the part of the predatory credit companies that targeted most of us into the 'charge it' frame …

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