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Cod Fishing Debate
Environmentalists and commercial fishermen both say they are fearful of proposed changes to the federal rules that govern New England's beleaguered cod fishing industry. 
The rules govern an industry that has fed New England for centuries and is now in steep decline...
Fishermen Want Trial Soon
New England fishermen of food fish like cod and haddock say they fear they will have to start paying the cost of at-sea monitors before the issue goes to trial.
Fishermen will have to start paying the cost of the monitors around March 1 under new rules...
Government Drowning Fishermen
The present unchecked fishing management system has gone wild. It's carried away to the point where our fishing industry cannot sustain itself based on junk science, questionable assessments and government profiteering. Just recently, Joseph Laplante of the U...
Fishing Lawsuit
A federal judge declined to issue an injunction barring the federal government from charging fishermen for at sea monitors.
Monitor Fees To Stand For Now
(Associated Press) - A judge has denied a request from East Coast fishermen to stop the federal government's plan to charge fishermen for the cost of at-sea monitoring.
Fishermen of New England food species such as cod and haddock will have to start paying the cost of at-sea monitors March …
Monitor Fees Delayed
NOAA is announcing a reprieve of sorts for New England's ground fishermen.
The agency has found another $200,000 that will enable the government to pay for at-sea observers on vessels for the next month or two.
The money comes from one of three companies hired by the government to provide observe…