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OPINION | Barry Richard: Fox News Oscar Hypocrites
So, for a week Fox News slams last night's Oscars presentation as an unwatchable political lecture by a bunch of rich, pampered, self-important, Hollywood elitists. BORING! Who cares what they think? What do they know?
Well, as expected Fox and the others devoted massive amounts o…
Excitement Builds for Tonight's Oscars
The Oscar movies this year may be small, but they're packing a lot of drama.
When the 87th Academy Awards kick off Sunday night at 8:30 EST, the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles will be buzzing with something the Oscars haven't always had in recent years: genuine intrigue at who the night'…
Have You Seen the Nominees?
Most Americans haven't seen a single movie nominated in the Best Picture category at next week's Academy Awards.
According to a poll by Reuters and IPSOS, 67% of the respondents said they have yet to watch any of the eleven films up for the top honor...
Balloting Begins for the Oscars
Oscar voters, start your ballots.
Voting begins today for 2014's Academy Awards nominees. Members of the Academy of  Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are invited to cast secret ballots for their favorite film work from the past year until Jan...
Ocar Nominees
With the Golden Globes happening this weekend, it's about that time when we see just who might be taking home an Oscar in February.