It was a place fashionistas loved to shop and then it suddenly closed. Four years later, Forever 21 is returning to the Dartmouth Mall.

It may not turn shoppers' heads as they walk through the mall these days because the new sign seems just like the old sign. But Forever 21's new space inside the mall is. in fact. new.

On Wednesday afternoon, the mall made its announcement official on social media, sharing a photo of the new storefront and letting eager shoppers know the fashions would be in the building in time for some back-to-school shopping sprees.

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It's a surprising return for the discount fashion store, considering it was only 2019 that the retailer hit tough financial times and shuttered nearly half of its nationwide locations.

The Dartmouth location was abruptly closed at that time and the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

That filing must have worked for the retailer because business is now booming enough again to start opening in-store locations and lucky for the SouthCoast, Dartmouth Mall is one of the first places to see a return.

Work on the new location inside the mall is well underway and within the next couple of months, the store should be full of clothes and ready for shoppers.

Lots of mall shoppers seemed excited for the return of Forever 21, and even former employees were commenting on the Dartmouth Mall's Facebook post. So perhaps the faces will be familiar when shoppers return for their fashion fix later this summer.

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