Steve Young may be new to American audiences, but he's been in the music industry for more than 20 years. A UK-based singer/songwriter, he's traveled the globe performing on stage, screen and over radio airwaves. Now, he's finally debuting his first EP to American listeners. 

Steve Young

After a career spent performing with other well-known musicians, Steve finally started working on his solo project in 2013 while traveling Scandinavia. Some of these songs appear on his debut EP 'Little Things,' which released on Oct. 30. Now he's launching his career as a solo artist with performances in New York City this November and in London in January 2015.

Prior to all this, Steve worked as the music director for Broadway superstar Ramin Karimloo while traveling performing Broadgrass, a clever mash-up of country, bluegrass and musical theatre that took the world by storm. This show, which Young also co-wrote and co-founded, was eventually awarded Best Live Act in 2013 by Broadway World.

Earlier, he also worked with Darren Hayes (former lead singer for Savage Garden). Together, they performed shows worldwide for five years, starting in 2007. Steve eventually became a writer and recording artist on Darren's 2012 album, 'Secret Codes and Battleships.'

Over the years, Young has also performed with Lionel Richie, Peter Andre, Delta Goodrem and Gareth Gates, among others. We were thrilled that he launched the next chapter of his career on WBSM's Midday Magazine with his first American radio appearance and we were excited to have him. Watch his unforgettable interview and live performance with vocalist Maddy Jarmon.