The Speaker of the Massachusetts House Robert DeLeo (D) says "everything and anything" is on the table when it comes to raising revenue for transportation issues including bridge and road repairs. Translation: hold on to your wallet, because taxes are about to go up.

"Quite frankly, I think we're at a situation relative to transportation we're at a critical point. If we're going to continue to grow our economy here in Massachusetts, transportation has to be one of the major factors that we address," DeLeo told reporters on Tuesday.

One proposal that is being considered is a plan to index the gas tax. This would allow the gas tax to increase annually based on the rate of inflation without our heroes on the Hill ever having to vote to raise taxes. Sweet, huh?

If this sounds familiar it should. Lawmakers passed just such a plan several years ago and, thanks to the leadership of former State Rep. Geoff Diehl, voters were able to repeal the measure before it ever took effect.

Talk of tax hikes for transportation issues comes as lawmakers consider plans to raise taxes to fund climate change initiatives. Yeah, the same people who cannot fix the roads and bridges are going to keep the oceans from rising. And you're going to pay for it.

The legislature, constitutional officers and judges have all gotten several hefty pay hikes in the last couple of years. And I mean hefty. Governor Baker's salary has almost doubled this year. And they want to raise your taxes. And these clowns keep getting re-elected term after term after term.

Tell you what, when the greedy politicians are ready to talk about surrendering their pay increases, then maybe I'll be ready to talk about paying more taxes.


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