Squid Game is an insanely popular show on Netflix right now, but clearly not the game you want your kids to be playing at recess. Yet it turns out that might be exactly what they are doing.

In a very disturbing email from my daughter's elementary school this weekend, I learned that some of the students have taken to using Squid Game as a form of play at recess. Though I can only hope my child's first grade classmates are not among those playing these games, any elementary school students probably shouldn't be doing this, either.

Honestly, I have not yet watched Squid Game, but I get the concept and I would never in a million years let my kids watch the show. I'm sure most parents of elementary school students agree, but it's not the only way this program is getting to them.

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As my daughter's principal informed all parents in her email, the series has inspired parody videos that are popping up all over YouTube to viewers of all ages, and it is these parodies that have apparently inspired Squid Game games during recess.

Clearly this was something the school immediately cracked down on and are banning from the recess yard, but it had me wondering how many other schools it might this be happening in? How many schools haven't even noticed it going on yet? How many kids don't even realize they are playing something incredibly inappropriate?

It's an awkward conversation to have with your kids for sure. Who wants to ask their 10-year-old if they are playing Squid Game at school? It sounds like a creepy new trend, though, that is probably going to spread to more recess yards, and parents should definitely be aware.

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