One educator after another will tell you, what a child learns in the first three years of his or her life will go a long way in determining the success of that child in school and quite possibly in life.

Early childhood education can sometimes be overlooked by parents, depending on circumstances, income and depending on how the parents themselves have been brought up. The Southcoast Coalition for Early Childhood Education is committed to providing some basic educational tools to children and their families.

The Coalition, an initiative by Northstar Learning Centers, is working with more than a dozen partners in the region, getting the word out about a nationally-recognized program called "The Basics."

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Their goal is to ensure that every child has the best possible start in life and enters kindergarten ready to reach their fullest potential.

Director Zoe Hansen-DiBello spoke with Townsquare Sunday this week about the work being done by the Coalition and its partners to spread the word about the importance of The Basics program, and what it can mean for young children in our region. Her interview can be heard here:

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