If you haven't been up close to a pod of swimming dolphins, this recent video from Buzzards Bay might make you feel as if you are.

Susan Howe managed to be incredibly close to this large pod of bottlenose dolphins as they made their way across the bay, splashing in the sunshine, and it was quite the sight.

Luckily Howe was willing to share her video with Buzzards Bay Coalition, which then shared it with us all on social media.

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I had to watch this video on repeat about 20 times as my daughters marveled again and again over the massive pod of dolphins. They loved the one bottlenose jumping high enough to get completely out of the water the most.

No matter how many times you watch it, this video is an amazing sight to see.

The bottlenose pod was captured way off the coast of Westport, swimming wild and free between Penikese and Nashawena islands.

Having this many bottlenose swimming around at one time is great news for the bay.

Dolphins need a steady diet of fish, squid, octopus and even jellyfish to survive, so seeing this many dolphins in the local waters must mean other sea life is thriving here, too.

It's not the first pod of dolphins to swim through either.

A couple of years ago a pod made its way through this very same spot. This past March a pod was spotted in the Taunton River and later that same month a dolphin feeding frenzy was caught on film by Mount Hope Bay.

These are all signs of healthy waters in the area and great news for nature lovers.

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