Pay no attention to the groundhog or the snow we've had the past two days – spring is on its way and will be here before you know it.

When you live in New England, winters are long. Sometimes the only way you can survive it all is to have hope and faith that spring will come again. We know it will get here but it's always a matter of just when.

Sure, the calendar can say one thing but Mother Nature is a very fickle lady and can make life miserable for us by dumping cold, wet, and even snowy weather on us right into April if she wants to. I remember a snowstorm in mid-May of 1977 around these parts. Look it up.

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Summers are short and winters are forever in New England, so we want to be sure to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of the nice weather while it lasts. For me, that means preparation. By this time, you should be scouring your favorite summer clothing stores for bargains on last year's stuff. You can save a lot of cash that way.

Then the work begins. You have three solid months to shed the winter pounds in order to look good in the new duds. Regular visits to the gym and lots of salads can help in that department.

Next, you start looking for signs of spring. Being a good detective can help you to pinpoint with some accuracy when spring will hit full-on. Some signs are obvious while others are a bit more subtle. I've provided a list of things I look for when I am searching for signs that spring is about to spring.


Signs That Spring Has Sprung on the SouthCoast

We're all looking for signs that spring is on its way to the SouthCoast. There are some telltale things that suggest that spring is about to be sprung.

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