Photo by Christopher Gregory/Getty Images

Some six dozen angry, young folk gathered in Boston on Wednesday to protest a campaign appearance by presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, some suggesting that Trump is intolerant.  And they're not?

It's unfortunate for America's "snowflake generation" that it's first foray into politics, the failed Bernie Sanders experiment didn't work out for them.  Sanders has now endorsed the "she devil" Hillary Clinton.  But protest they did just the same, some carrying flags from the good old Soviet Union days while pledging allegiance to socialism. They should ask Yelena Bonner and Andrei Sakharov how that Soviet Union thing  worked out for them. Hey look, many young people start out from the left and work their way towards the center once they begin to....well, work and understand what paying for all of this kumbaya is all about.

Now, I'm not going to get into the politics of all of this but just a bit of advise to the snowflakes, if you are going to yell that someone is intolerant at least BE tolerant and accept that there are points of view that are different from your own and whether you believe it or not those points of view deserve as much respect as you think yours do. Problem is you can't hear different points of view if you are yelling from the sidewalk. Sometimes you've just got to shut up and listen. Sad part is that many of these folks will not even vote on election day anyway and will have some lame excuse about how the candidates were just not worthy of their time and consideration.

It has become too easy for angry kids to emerge from mom and dad's basement hurling words like "racist" and "bigot" and "xenophobe" at people they disagree with even when they are unable to articulate exactly why that is.  Many of us grew up in a time when racism and bigotry were real issues and worked to overcome  those problems.

Life is not perfect and it never will be but as long as people continue to be truly intolerant of other's points of view they will remain forever frozen in a state of ignorance...thinking thy know everything.

Barry J Richard