Sci-Fi Channels Sharknado had all kinds of buzz after it first aired, so much buzz that they decided to air the show again.  I missed the first airing but was front and center on my couch with popcorn in hand to catch all the excitement.  Er, excitement, yea right!  What I did catch was some of the worst acting and some of the worst special effects I have ever seen!  I guess if you are in to campy bad TV than Sharknado is for you.  Once the storm hits and you realize that there are sharks flying out of the water and are following people every place it gets really odd.  There is one scene when the roads are flooding and Ian Zeiring's character Fin gets to his ex-wife April's house to rescue her from the storm, sharks actually end up in the living room!  How is this possible?  I guess I just should have gone with it and enjoyed the dumbness of the whole thing and just gone with it.  Word is that the channel is already working on a sequel.