We have lost another great entertainer. Robin Williams will be missed, but always remembered for his great works in film. His presence on screen was intoxicating. You could not help but laugh at everything the man said or did. We wanted to honor him this morning by taking a few calls on our listeners' favorite Robin Williams movies. This is the list of the memorable roles we've collected (in no particular order). Rest in Peace.

1. Mrs. Doubtfire (Daniel Hillard)

2. RV (Bob Munro)

3. Jumanji (Alan Parrish)

4. Hook (Peter Banning / Pan)

5. Good Will Hunting (Sean Maguire)

6. Aladdin (Genie / voice)

7. Good Morning Vietnam (Adrian Cronauer)

8. Dead Poet Society (John Keating)

9. The Birdcage (Armand Goldman)

10. Jack (Jack Powell)

11. Flubber (Professor Philip Brainard)

12. Night at the Museum (Teddy Roosevelt)

13. Happy Feet (Ramon / Lovelace / voice)

14. Awakenings (Dr. Malcolm Sayer)

15. Robots (Fender / voice)

Take the opportunity to watch these movies if you haven't already. Tomorrow is going to pour anyway, might as well have a laugh!

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