According to multiple reports, there is legitimate mutual interest between the New England Patriots and veteran receiver Brandon Marshall, when it comes to potentially work out a deal.

Marshall, who was cut per his request by the New York Jets earlier this week, is entering his 12th year in the league.

The 32-year-old is coming off of one of his worst seasons as a pro, catching just 59 of the 128 balls thrown his way for 788 yards. Little of the blame for that poor output might actually be on Marshall, however, as he was working with a revolving door of suspect quarterbacks and an offensive line that did not help him out in terms of giving him time to get open and make plays.

Marshall has been extremely productive throughout his 11-year career, catching 941 passes for just over 12,00 yards and scoring 82 total touchdowns. He has had a bit of a problem sticking it out in any one place, bouncing around to four teams already and pretty much wearing out his welcome wherever he goes.

While he has failed to stick with one team and has had some messy breakups with former clubs, he has usually transitioned nicely to each new team he goes to, putting up big numbers in the first one to two years in a new location.

There had been some stated interest in coming to New England in the future to play under Bill Belichick and alongside Tom Brady by Marshall last season.

With plenty of suitors out on the open market looking for a strong and big receiver, who can produce, there are no guarantees that Marshall will end up in New England. If the Pats really do share his level of interest, though, and he is willing to take a pay cut to finally make the playoffs for the first time and chase after a Lombardi Trophy, Marshall could be a serious weapon to add to Brady's already strong arsenal of offensive options.

Oh, and he'd likely have to put the kibosh on his littler NFL Network gig that he does during the season. That doesn't seem to fit into the style of Belichick.




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