NOAA's latest proposed restrictions are being met with opposition at the state level.

State Representative Antonio Cabral has sent a letter to NOAA Administrator, Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, speaking out against a proposed 62% reduction in the allowable catch of cod in Georges Bank. Cabral tells WBSM News that would mean a 95% reduction in cod catch limits since 2012, bringing some fishermen to their knees. "The fishing industry is a very important segment of our economy in New Bedford and the Southcoast," said Cabral. "This would just also put a lot of folks and a lot of families in a very, very difficult situation."

Cabral says the science NOAA is using to base the latest proposed reduction on is not accurate enough. He's asking NOAA to postpone the reduction until better data can be gathered.

NOAA is expected to make an official ruling on the proposed cut within the next month.

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