From 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. on June 17, Fun 107 and WBSM will be broadcasting live from St. Lukes in New Bedford to raise money for Southcoast's Health's Pediatric Units. 


Because we want to be able to give Southcoast families the highest level of care possible, we are partnering with Southcoast Health to raise money that will go directly to the pediatric units of our local hospitals. Every monetary donation will go towards providing the following items:


  • Can be used to communicate with an autistic child
  • Child life uses them as an additional tool in educating children about medical procedures/diagnosis
  • Can be used to distract during a procedure


  • High tech swing that has 6 different movements to it
  • It also has calming sounds that can be used as well
  • Helps soothe irritable babies when parents cannot be with the baby

Car Seats:

  • Used when a pediatric patient is involved in a car accident - not everyone knows that if a child in a car seat is in an accident, that seat cannot be reused

Infant Care Essentials Pack

Nasal aspirators:

  • Used because babies cannot blow their nose so this way a parent can help do this for the child and help them breathe better –especially useful during flu and cold season. It can be scary for a parent who has just left the hospital with their baby who has had to have their nose suctioned out multiple times so they can breathe easier-this device is similar to the suctioning in the hospital and helps to ease a parents fear

Tympanic thermometers:

  • Used with children who aren’t old enough to hold a thermometer in their mouth correctly
  • Also used so we don’t traumatize children by doing rectal temperatures

Infant tub:

  • Used to calm babies that are too small to go in a regular size bathtub
  • When possible these tubs help to maintain a normal routine for the younger patients

Fun Packs:

  • Used for when patients are admitted to the hospital.
  • infant/toddler –rattles, blankets, bottles
  • preschool/school age - toys, coloring book, crayons, stuffed animals
  • adolescent - ear buds, cards, magazines

If you'd like to donate, please call 508-973-1111 on 6/17. EVERY donation will be so appreciated!

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