The Duke has been in heaven for a long time, but his movies live on and they are worth watching. They don't make movies anymore like the westerns that made John Wayne.

John Wayne was born before World War I and he died just before his friend Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States. In his 73 years of life, he made lots of great movies and those pictures are still with us today.

The Shootist: This is the last picture John Wayne made and it is tremendous. He plays a gunfighter who is dying of kidney cancer. At the time of the picture, Wayne was actually dying of cancer and he knew it. The supporting cast includes Ron Howard, Jimmy Stewart, and Lauren Bacall.

The Green Berets: This is a pro-American movie based on the great warriors who fought to save the Republic of Vietnam from communism and it was released in the theaters during the Vietnam War.

True Grit: John Wayne is Sheriff Rooster Cogburn and he is on a mission. His sidekick is played by Glen Campbell.

Rooster Cogburn: The Duke is back in the sequel to True Grit and he is riding with Kathern Hepburn. Later he and Hepburn are floating on a raft with a load of explosives and a Gatlin gun.

El Dorado: John Wayne rides into town to back up a drunken sheriff played by Robert Mitchum. This action-packed picture has a great cast of actors including James Caan and Ed Asner.

These are just a few of the movies John Wayne has gifted us with and we all have a bit more time to watch movies these days, so it's worth spending some time with The Duke.

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