Once again the Massachusetts Senate delegation is caught looking stupid just days after proposing legislation to limit the president's ability to respond to a potential nuclear threat.

Junior U.S. Senator Ed Markey (D) is backing a bill that would require the president to get congressional approval before launching a nuclear strike. Markey is a little-seen do nothing who usually flies low below the radar but is up for re-election next year so is looking for a little attention.

Senior U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D), however, is a candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination, therefore, her comments and actions are more carefully scrutinized. Warren has a bill that would make it official policy to prohibit a U.S. nuclear first strike under any conditions. Think about that for a minute.

It's a dangerous world we are living in. Some very potent enemies of the United States and its allies have threatened to use nuclear weapons when and if they acquire them. Some may already have them. Why would you want to signal to your enemies what you are willing or unwilling to do? Seems like a very poor defense strategy from someone who might be entrusted with our security.

In his state of the nation address on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin warned that Russia will tilt its new hypersonic missiles towards the U.S. should new American intermediate-range missiles be placed in Europe. Still think it's a good idea to inform the world of what our limits might be?

The nuclear disarmament gang is circulating a "Pull Back From The Brink" resolution to city and town officials all across America. The resolution urges local officials to join the movement to get the U.S. to adopt the Treaty of the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Sounds noble enough, no? Do you think the treaty would melt Putin's heart? How about the Iranian Mullahs?

The New Bedford City Council came close to debating this resolution last week before its sponsor withdrew it from consideration.

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The resolution includes language similar to that contained in Warren's and Markey's bills.

Warren's position on nuclear defense is alarming and underscores her limited understanding of the dangers that are present in the world today. Elizabeth Warren cannot be trusted to make decisions about the defense of America.

From her support for open borders and sanctuary cities to her lack of support for ICE, Warren has shown time and time again that she lacks the good judgment that is required to be President of the United States. Her legislation to weaken America's defense capabilities seals the argument.

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