What used to be known as the Providence Civic Center was dubbed the Dunkin Donuts Center over 20 years ago, but the partnership could be coming to an end.

The executive director of the Rhode Island Convention Center Authority, Daniel McConaghy, recently told the House Finance Committee that the naming rights for the Rhode Island arena expire April 20 and no new deal has been reached between the two businesses.

So, in just over a month, the naming rights for this iconic venue could be up for grabs.

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Though I remember it as the Providence Civic Center growing up, most Rhode Islanders fondly call the venue "The Dunk" these days. I'm sure there are a lot of people who hope these two local businesses can still come to a deal before the April 20 deadline.

Perhaps mainly because they enjoy getting Dunkin' coffee and sandwiches when they attend concerts or sporting events.

McConaghy also told the House Finance Committee on Tuesday that the authority is "also looking at other options that will best serve the state of Rhode Island." He did not give specifics on what those "other options" might be.

Whatever those options are, they are probably going to need a lot of money to buy the naming rights to the arena. McConaghy told Providence Business News back in February that the over-12,000-seat arena needs a new roof at a cost of $7.5 million.

McConaghy said the authority planned to ask the state for money to finance the roof repairs through the Rhode Island Capital Fund. That may have been why the venue's executive director was speaking with the House Finance Committee this week.

However it turns out with the roof financing, we do have some suggestions on other iconic Rhode Island businesses that could opt to take over naming rights. Take a look and let us know what you'd add.

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