New Bedford Election Commissioner Maria Tomasia says Tuesday's preliminary election was a record-setter, and not in a good way. "We have had low elections, but this has been the lowest election (turnout) we've ever had," lamented Tomasia.

Just under 8% of the 54,469 registered voters in New Bedford cast ballots during the election.

Tomasia says it's especially disheartening since her office puts in the same amount of effort as they would any other election. "For me, the work is the same. I don't care if it's going to be 7% or 62%, the work is the same."

Speculating on the reason for the record-low turnout, Tomasia says many people may be indecisive or feel they are not well enough informed to determine the outcome of a preliminary election.

Tomasia says preliminaries most always have a lighter turnout than general elections, and hopes to see a much better turnout on november third.

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