Remember the old days? Remember when random things didn't just run out at places like grocery stores and restaurants?

We used to take our supply chain for granted.

I'll admit, I never fully appreciated having things readily available to buy at stores until now.

I feel like we are adapting to no longer being surprised when certain items are just not available, like the milk and soft-serve issues that were sparked with the cyber attack on a Massachusetts HP Hood plant back in March.

The latest supply chain issue is becoming a challenge for one of the most popular appetizers at one of the most established restaurant chains in New England. Chances are, if you walk into a 99 Restaurant today and try to order potato skins, the restaurant will not have them.

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Apparently, the problem stems from a fire at the food processing plant in Maine where the potato skins are made.

A manager for the 99 told us why.

"It's company-wide.  We are no longer serving potato skins until the company has time to rebuild. It's one of our longest-running accounts, and we are here to support them. So, it's tots until further notice company-wide."

This could very well have an impact on other SouthCoast restaurants that use this distributor.

Sandy Afonso, a manager at Top Shelf Bar and Grill in New Bedford, says that she is unsure whether or not the potato skin shortage will affect her restaurant.

"We've been closed for 10 days to get our outdoor dining ready, but I've found that since COVID if it's not one thing it's another," she said. "It's 'Oh, let's see what's missing this week.'"

For now, we'll all need to deal with the Potato Skin Famine of 2022.

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