Last night Henry Bousquet, New Bedford city councilor of Ward 3, attempted to pass a motion in the city council demanding an apology from the Democrat Party nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton who used New Bedford in her acceptance speech as an example of what was wrong with America in 1973. Even according to Mayor Jon Mitchell, a heavy Clinton supporter, what she said was that the tax payers and city officials turned away children in wheelchairs.

“It was important work,” said Mitchell. “The problem of disabled children not being welcomed in school is hardly unique to New Bedford back then.” - BOSTON GLOBE JULY 30, 2016

I'm sorry but given the facts as Chris McCarthy and I have laid out over the last three and a half weeks, this is a disgraceful lie about the Whaling City.

The funny thing is, most if not all of the Democrats in the city council have solid roots in the city. Some of the Democrats voting against the motion, were too young for that time, Steve Martins, Dana Ribeiro and Debra Coelho may have been overseas at that point but Brian Gomes and Joe Lopes were raised by parents in 1973 who were paying taxes and so their parents were providing for the public school transportation of every resident child in wheelchairs before they could put food on their tables or even put clothes on the backs for these councilors.

Why not own that legacy and be proud of it? Why not defend it? Is the intimidation that strong in the Democrat Party and if so, where are the spines to stand up to it. Do they not understand who it is she slammed or even understand that the rest of the world was given a dark, ugly image of New Bedford 1973 in her speech and in her book in 2008?

Give credit to the city back then, both the city officials who laid out compassionate plans for the handicapped's accessibility to public education was met by an uncomplaining, in fact supportive taxpayer in 1973. No laws needed. "We got you" was the mindset. This is where liberal Democrats get me to shut up and lead properly. This WAS the right thing being done!

Brian Gomes, Steve Martins, Debra Coelho, Dana Ribeiro and Joe Lopes are now , in my mind are the Judas Iscariot for the legacy of the good people of New Bedford in 1973. Like AG Loretta Lynch and so many others, they are now joined with the Clinton Corruption.

She libeled New Bedford, libeled the people here who have already or are now fading off to history who SHOULD BE ABLE TO think they made a difference with their hard earned tax dollars or their considerate and compassionate policies that DID help the disabled without laws needing to be changed in OTHER places.

I praise the votes of Kerry Winterson and Ian Abreu in particular, as they were not partisan in their view of the damage Hillary Clinton has done to the city. Henry Bousquet and Linda Morad (both Republicans) are uniquely being accused of partisanship by the Standard Times and others who struggle with critical thinking but they stood up for New Bedford and the wonderful chapter of 1973 when people here paid for and insisted on the same noble thing Hillary Rodham Clinton said they weren't interested in until she forced it upon New Bedford to "finally open hearts and change laws".

The City Council of New Bedford had an opportunity to collectively stand up for their residents and the generous tradition and decided not to. That legacy will stick forever.




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