Think the pollen has been rough this season? Try seeing it from the sky.

Everything across the area has been covered in a blanket of yellow for most of the last week, but seeing where it's all coming from is still pretty shocking.

One local pilot was in the skies around Rhode Island T.F. Green Airport in Warwick this week and saw the area's pollen from a different (and surprising) point of view.

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Chris Marchetti Jr. shared a Facebook video of his flight from June 3 and the eerie cloud of yellow hovering over much of the state.

It's not hard to see why we're all sneezing and rubbing our eyes.

For sure, the evidence of heavy pollen has been visible at ground level, too. Cars dusted in yellow, skin feeling gritty after walking through the yard, puddles swirling with pollen after the rain came through... Yet seeing it from Marchetti's viewpoint was an OMG moment.

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The pollen cloud almost looks toxic, the way it hangs over the area -- not to mention how absolutely enormous it is.

Luckily, in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, tree pollen season typically ends in early June.

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Hopefully for all the allergy sufferers out there, this crazy cloud of yellow dust was washed away by the recent rains and we can all just worry about grass pollen into July and weed pollen starting up again in August.

Sorry allergy folks, No end is in sight.

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