I had a fantastic time last night at Fenway Park. True, a win would have been better but that was the only thing that spoiled a great outing.

My daughter Sarah  was given two tickets to last night's game as a bonus from her company and she decided to take....me. I was honored and proud of her.

Sarah and I met  at her work and headed in to Boston. She got out a little later than she planned so we got stuck in traffic on the Pike. I had wondered all afternoon where to park since I had heard stories of parking garages doubling their rates. I'm glad to report we parked in the Ipswich Street Garage, right across the street from Fenway, and paid only $40. After a short walk, we were in the park and at our seats in section 8 near the Pesky Pole.

No matter how many years have passed, whenever I walk into that park I am immediately transformed to that 8 year old boy who sees the beautiful green grass and the Green Monster. I have been to a few games over the years. I've  cheered for Yaz, Rico, Nomar and V-Tek and I am really enjoying these bearded wonders.

The crowd was fun. We jeered Wacha, sang at the top of our lungs for Victorino ("Every little thing, gonna be alright") and high-fived everyone we could reach when Papi hit one out.

While the Sox may have lost and this series is far from over, a few hours with my oldest daughter in the most beloved ball park made for one amazing night.