When we first told you about filming taking place in Chatham for The Perfect Couple, all we knew is that the Cape would serve as a stand-in for Nantucket, where the Netflix series starring Nicole Kidman and Liev Schreiber is set.

Nothing against Nantucket, it's just that it can be a complicated and unnecessarily expensive place to do something like film a series. Producers wisely decided to keep things on the mainland. They'd have to get creative to replicate the beauty of Nantucket, but they set up Chatham as their home base and didn't look back.

Until now.

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Preparations are being made for The Perfect Couple to bring filming to the SouthCoast, with at least two stops scheduled in the next month.

The first stop is Mattapoisett.

As you know from our previous coverage, the plot centers around a would-be wedding that goes south when the maid-of-honor's body is found floating in the harbor.  Mattapoisett, apparently, will be used as the site for the wedding's rehearsal dinner. There's not much information publicly available, but in my mind, there's only one spot to shoot this wedding rehearsal scene, and that is at a place the locals call the Mattapoisett Inn (the official name is the Inn on Shipyard Park).  However, Nils Johnson, the inn's owner, says that filming will not take place there.

I may be biased because the inn was the site of my wedding rehearsal, but the waterfront views are spectacular and the inn (the oldest seaside inn in America) could easily pass for something out of Nantucket. Filming in town is scheduled for June 27-30.  If you are interested in being cast as one of the guests, you can find out more by filling out a free profile via Boston Casting.

Dartmouth will also serve as a backdrop for the series.

A book launch scene is scheduled to be shot July 5-8. Barnes & Noble seems a likely place for this scene, but management hadn't heard anything about the location being used in the series. Davoll's General Store on Russells Mills Road, which carries a healthy selection of books, also says it's not involved. It's unfortunate that Baker Books isn't still around. That cozy shop would have been a perfect match.

The Writers Guild of America's ongoing strike interrupted filming on the Cape this week. Notices for the Mattapoisett and Dartmouth filming went out after that interruption, but it remains to be seen if the strike will affect the timing of The Perfect Couple on the SouthCoast.

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