It is musics biggest nights the annual Grammy Awards show, when the heavy hitters in the music industry get together and put on one heck of a show.  This year was the 56th annual Grammy Awards, and they took a little different approach to make it interesting.  First thing was when they were announcing the nominees they would use a version of the song that was performed by someone, different than the artist, on a YouTube video, that was kind of cool.  The other thing that was big for the night was 'mashups', that's when they take two different artists from different genres and put them together, that made for some interesting parings.  The highlight of the night for me was when Ringo Starr took to the stage to sing 'Photograph' and Sir Paul McCartney sang his song 'Queenie eye.  Ringo ended up playing drums during the song, so it was kind of a reunion.  Paul was introduced by Julia Roberts and she talked about the show that is going to air on CBS, February 9th at the exact time 50 years ago that the Beatles performed for the first time on the Ed Sullivan show.