While the New England Patriots are known for their tough and firm stance on contracts, they have seemingly done right by one of their defensive starters, who narrowly missed out on a significant contract bonus last season. 

Patriots defensive tackle Lawrence Guy has been given a $500,000 "contract renegotiation" signing bonus by the team, according to ESPN's Mike Reiss.

The likely reason for the bonus is the fact that the reliable interior lineman missed his defensive snaps played bonus, worth the same $500,000, last season by less than one percent.

Guy was to be paid the bonus if he played a total of 55 percent of the team's defensive snaps throughout the season. He originally missed out on the extra payday, because of the fact that he played in 54.8 percent of the defensive snaps.

Missing his target by such a minuscule amount and working hard all season seemed to convince the Patriot brass that the veteran tackle deserved to be paid the money he had worked so hard for.


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