It is appalling the way we treat our seniors and veterans.

State Representative Alan Silvia (D-Fall River), House Vice Chairman of the Joint Legislative Committee on Veteran's Affairs tells me many vets are currently not eligible for public housing in Massachusetts because their disability checks exceed the income eligibility guidelines.  Really? Bums who hang in their jammies all day while doing a lot of nothing get public housing but our vets on disability checks can't get in? They don't even get priority status in Massachusetts.  Lawmakers are scheduled to debate a bill next week that would at least give our veterans priority status for public housing.  That's a start.

Rep. Silvia tells me he regularly gets requests from people in their 70's and even 80's to help them to find jobs because they cannot make ends meet on their meager Social Security stipends.  This as we provide a myriad of benefits and other free "stuff"  to illegal aliens. This is wrong on so many levels.

If we haven't gone completely through the looking glass yet we are most of the way there.  Seniors and disabled veterans should not want for anything.  They should not go without proper  housing or medical care or God forbid food.  All of our vets need a universal health case card that can be used anywhere outside a VA medical facility.  Our seniors need to know that we have their backs.

Before another nickel of taxpayer money is spent to fund sanctuary cities we must fund the programs that are so badly needed to make life more bearable for our seniors and disabled vets.

Contact your lawmakers and demand it.

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