(The following is an open letter to President Donald Trump inviting him to come to New Bedford.)

Dear President Trump,

Please come to the New Bedford area and see what hard-working people are facing and take a look at the statistics you are touting these days.

I know you have been near here before. You won’t remember meeting me. It was the Tournament Players Club (TPC-Boston) in Norton and you were playing in the Deutsche Bank Championship’s Pro-Am. The guy next to me in a blue shirt yelled, “YOU”RE FIRED.” You smiled back at him.

Speaking of being fired, Mr. President, we have people here that are unemployed or underemployed, working multiple jobs just to get by. This was once was the richest areas in the world when the sea and manufacturing yield bounties for the people. We are willing to work hard, but we need jobs.

The manufacturing jobs are gone, either overseas or down south and the fishermen are being regulated out of their jobs.

We have to have new bridges and new roads. We’ve been waiting on both for a while. They’ve been promising a new railroad for years, but we’ll settle for a bridge instead.

You have talked a lot about drugs and crime. We have a problem with both and can show you first-hand how bad the situation is if you will visit.

Maybe, you can go to court and hear the stories there or talk with the people who are trying to help turn addicts’ lives around or maybe you can visit with the homeless to hear how close many of us are from being on the streets.

Mr. President, be assured you will be a productive day for you to see what is really happening outside of Washington and your country clubs.

Your good friend, Howie Carr, is on WBSM at 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Respectfully, I'm not a fan of yours, sir, but we have talk show hosts that would love to chat with you on the air. Phil and Barry are huge fans.

We also know a place that has great bagels within walking distance.

Send me a Tweet or an email or pick up the phone in the oval office and let me know when you are available. We can make this happen.

Mike Hardman is the digital managing editor for WBSM. His views are solely his own. 


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