On the surface, Congressman Joe Kennedy III certainly gives his voters the impression that he truly cares about the working class. He is, like his deceased uncle Senator Ted Kennedy, a diligent defender of issues like "living wages" and raising the minimum wage in America. Sounds like a man of the people to me.

Like almost any Kennedy family member, he can be counted on to speak out against unfair compensation at perceived under-paying of employment. Without issues like this, there is little reason to elect the Democratic monarch. So how come Congressman Kennedy is so interested in lining his pockets at the expense of those jobs that he is always "fighting" for?

I was going through his financial disclosures when I noticed a series of investments he'd made in Rockwell Automation. Rockwell designs robotics and automated systems to replace human beings, and the jobs they once did or are doing today.

Don't get me wrong, I think the company's stock looks promising. But I am not a far left defender of low skill, low paying, dead end jobs, or other financially unrewarding jobs that could potentially progress to better pay during advancements in one's career.

I'm not the one who shakes a fist at industry for finding ways to profit. Rep. Kennedy, however, is.

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So soon enough, you'll be hearing him blame the Republican Party and the "heartless" local companies and corporations for slashing jobs in his district...after they were able to make these cuts by purchasing products from a company, such as the one owned by the congressman, as he laughs up his sleeve collecting the wealth from it. And, come to think of it, this could happen to union member's jobs, his most loyal supporters.

By the way, the congressman's enthusiasm for robotics replacing humans in the workforce dovetails nicely when one looks at his also keen investment interest in Amazon. Amazon will be phasing out jobs via robotics in an open plan to do so.

Hey, Fall River and Congressman Joe...looks like you guys have a lot to talk about.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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