Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is in trouble with her supporters and her fellow Democrats in the Senate.

Everybody understands Liz Warren is running for the Democrat Party nomination for President in 2020. Of course, she first has to get re-elected to the Senate by Massachusetts voters in 2018. The Republican have some strong candidates running to take her on in 2018, but at this point, she is still the favorite.

Until recently the issue of whether she is or isn't of Indian heritage has been confined to conservative talk radio and some GOP politicians like President Donald Trump. Taunts like "Pocahontas" and "the fake Indian" were hurled at her but they didn't appear to have much impact.

Everything changed for the senior senator from Massachusetts this week, when the liberal Berkshire Eagle newspaper offered her "simple solution" to the question of her Native American ethnicity: take a DNA test. The liberal editorial writers at the Eagle have now joined with Howie Carr, and the senator has run out of options on the subject.

Life got a little worse for Sen. Warren today when the liberal, female Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi added her support for the DNA test, and asked questions about why she stopped listing herself as a minority in a legal directory? Or why she allowed herself to be used by Harvard to defend their hiring of minority staff? She also pointed out that minorities may not forgive Warren for endorsing a white candidate over a black candidate in the Boston mayoral contest last year.

Why hasn't Senator Warren already taken a DNA test to settle the question of her ancestry? Is it because she knows she hasn't been telling the truth? Back when she started claiming her minority status, there was no "simple solution" like we have today, and nobody challenged her.

Has she been living and benefiting from a lie all of her life, only to have it destroy her chance to become the first woman President of the United States?

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