I enjoyed a few of the commercials during this year's Super Bowl and I found some of them unique.

The best commercial was the M&M with Danny DeVito. The talking M&Ms have been a staple for years during the Super Bowl. This year one magically transformed into a human being to avoid being eaten and nobody was a better choice than Danny Devito. If seeing Danny wandering around the city streets asking if anybody wanted to eat him wasn’t funny enough the segment ends with a slapstick twist – he was hit by a truck and thrown into a fruit stand.

The Wendy’s commercial did something unique in advertising this year. They displayed the logo of their competitor McDonald’s and then attacked them for using frozen beef in their hamburgers. I have never seen an advertisement attack by name a competitor. It will be interesting to see if McDonald’s responds to the attack by Wendy’s.

I found the Tide detergent spots to be the most effective of all the commercials. They were funny and they repeated the products name and benefits constantly. Name identification and a positive image is the goal of advertising and the Tide commercials did both and it was entertaining enough to keep the eyes and ears of consumers focused on their spot.

Another entertaining spot was about the elderly still working because they didn’t save any money to retire. It featured an elderly man worked as a firefighter while the song “I’m 85 and I want to go home” played to the tune and cadence of Daylight Come by Harry Belafonte. The was great except for the fact that I don't remember what the company that was being advertised. So as well done as the spot was it actually failed as a brand builder.

Dodge Ram trucks hit it out of the park with their two spots. The Vikings driving a Ram and then towing a Ram behind their boat was humorous and interesting. They even offered a website to see the rest of the story. Their use of Martin Luther King, Jr. actual voice giving a speech was a breakthrough because I don't believe the family of the slain minister has previously allowed his likeness and voice in a commercial advertisement.

This year was another great year for Super Bowl commercials even though it wasn't a great year for the New England Patriots.

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