Republican Gov. Charlie Baker has collected lots of campaign cash from the suburbs of Southeastern Massachusetts. Below are the names of his donors.

I have previously told you about the donors to Gov. Baker from the cities of New Bedford and Fall River. The real wealth and cash are in the suburbs for political candidates, as the records show:


Mark White, the owner of D.W. White Construction, and his family are probably one of Baker's most generous donors. Over the years, they have given $3,800 to his campaign committee.


Retired businessman Ben Baker has donated nearly $1,000.

Attorney Peter Bullard has made five donations totaling $600. He is the law partner of former New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang, and the brother of former New Bedford Mayor John Bullard, both longtime Democrats.

Businessman and Democrat Peter Kavanaugh has given $1,250 to Gov. Baker's campaign over the years. His brother Gerry Kavanaugh is a former top staffer to Sen. Edward Kennedy.


Baker's biggest supporter in Fairhaven is retired state Senator William "Biff" MacLean. Baker was in the Weld administration when MacLean was still in the Massachusetts legislature, and they worked together on the budget. Biff has donated $3,750 to Baker, and has likely raised him much more from his friends.

Robert Unger, the former journalist turned restaurateur and public relations man, donated $50 to the Republican.

Selectman Charlie Murphy donated $50 to Baker.

Kevin McLaughlin, the owner of the Fairhaven Shipyard, has contributed $4,500.

When we look at the amount of support Baker is receiving in the New Bedford suburbs, it becomes obvious why Democrat Setti Warren quit the race and blamed it on lackluster fundraising. I will bring you more interesting names from the suburbs soon.

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