A senator from Acton is hoping to revive at least some of the language that died along with his legislation that would make Massachusetts a sanctuary state by attaching it as an amendment to the FY19 budget.

The Boston Herald reports that Democrat Jamie Eldridge has filed a budget amendment that would "bar state and local officials from asking immigrants about their legal status and ensure illegal immigrants detained by federal officials have access to an attorney." Eldridge's proposed Secure Communities Act went belly up in committee. It would have "barred local police authorities from detaining illegal immigrants for federal officials," according to the Herald.

According to the paper, Eldridge said, "The real controversy is how many hardworking immigrants are arrested and detained unfairly."

The Baker Administration has reportedly had little to say about the amendment so far, but has in the past opposed efforts to make Massachusetts a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

Senator Eldridge's amendment has little chance of passing, but is another distraction from the people's business in a session already marred by several high profile scandals, not the least of which saw the Senate President Stanley Rosenberg resign in disgrace.

While we remain compassionate about the plight of the millions of folks who wish to come to America for a better life, there is a process to be followed. Providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants, while it might make some feel good, is illegal and un-American.

As with anything else, our immigration policy must be orderly. Otherwise, you are left with the chaos which we have now. Flinging open the doors to anyone who wishes to come here is not orderly, nor is it sustainable.

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